Digital Innovation Hub

Faubourg Numérique, a not-for-profit association, aims to support the digital transformation of companies and territories by providing concrete services and operational solutions to project leaders. Its activities are structured following to the concept of a “Digital Innovation Hub” (DIH) as defined by the European Commission. The services of DIH Faubourg Numérique (DIH-FbN) include technical assistance in the development of prototypes and digital solutions in the field of IoT, digital twins, advanced data processing and data governance. In addition to these operational services, DIH-FbN provides support in the search for funding, access to technical training, and the connecting to European, national and regional innovation ecosystems.

Open Source community and European networks

In order to optimize the quality, efficiency and costs of the services offered to companies and territories, DIH-FbN has been active, since its creation in 2014, in the open source community of FIWARE. In addition to our exploitation of its components and free software, FIWARE brings together a very large international community of private actors (from large groups to SMEs) and public actors (countries, regions, cities, villages) which makes it possible to establish collaborations, to identify common issues, and pool investments in the implementation of generic solutions, adaptable to each particular context. This is the reason that DIH-FbN has always participated in various European projects which directly or indirectly benefit the companies and territories using our services.

Links with the regional ecosystem in Hauts-de-France: RERI, EDIH and digital inspiration places

Since January 2023, DIH-FbN has been integrated into the regional digital-related innovation ecosystem, through its participation in the Europe Research Innovation Network ( Réseau Europe Recherche Innovation (RERI) ) and EDIH GreenPowerIT.

DIH-FbN has also strengthened its activities in the region with the participation in SCIC Quai Numérique (“Digital Dock”) that will shortly act as digital inspiration place for the community (for citizens, companies, organisations) of Chauny-Tergnier-La Fère.